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Our Process


Design & Quote: 

After the initial consultation with you we will invite you to our showroom to sit down and view the design with one of our sales team, one the design is confirmed we will price it and give you a written quote. 

If you wish to take away any drawings of your design a fee of 10% of the cost of the quote will be charged. This will be refunded if you proceed with us. 

Re designing and quoting multiple options will be charged at a rate of $50 per hour, this will be refunded if you proceed with us.


After you receive your quote: 

Once you are happy with the design and quotation, and wish to proceed; we schedule a final meeting in the showroom where we finalise finishes, style/colours, handles and confirm appliance details and any other relevant information. 

At this time a deposit of 40% is paid and a site check scheduled. 

We will visit the site and undertake a thorough check which generally includes: measuring the relevant area; checking of walls and floors for level and plumb; checking site for delivery access and finalising any details not completed in final showroom meeting. 

When the site check is completed and all details are finalised, the design will go to in to pre-production to have a final set of drawings made up. 

We will then scan/fax these to you for a final check and sign off. You must get these back to us as soon as you can. We cannot give you a kitchen installation date until this process has been finalised. We will then give you a call and arrange the installation date. 

On completion of your kitchen in our factory a further 40% payment is due. 

Cabinetry can be delivered the day before or on the day of install - in to the kitchen space. 

The main installation can take between 1 and 4 days depending on the size and complexity of the kitchen. 


Granite or Stone Benchtops. 

Granite and stone tops usually have visible joins in them. Around the hobs, where corners are turned and sometimes around the sink. In most cases your tops will need templating after your kitchen cabinets have been installed. This is usually done the day after the kitchen installation. Your benchtops then take a further 7 – 10 working days to be manufactured and installed. 

You must have your sink, tap and hob on-site for the template. If you do not have these available for the template it may cause a delay or result in an additional fee for a return trip to site to template. If we are supplying the sink we will have it delivered with the kitchen. 

We can supply to you at no charge temporary benchtops which are made from18mm MDF. These will act as usable surfaces and protect your cabinetry until your granite/stone tops arrive. 

If you are hooking up your hob or old sink to use while you wait for your new tops you must not do so until the template has been done. Remember that this will all need to be disconnected again prior to the installation of the tops. Once your tops are installed you will need to wait until the following day to have your plumbing reconnected to give the sink sealant time to dry. 

If templating isn’t required your granite/stone tops will be installed shortly after the cabinetry. We will advise you what will happen in your case, when your site check has been completed. 


After Installation: 

When the main installation is completed one of our management team will visit the site, and check that the kitchen is installed and completed correctly. If any issues need attention we will oversee any finishing or remedial work and keep you fully informed. 

Final payment is now due for payment. 

Installation of toe kicks is usually done at the time of the kitchen installation. Should you require us to return to site to install these at a later date due to your plumbing or flooring requirements we will book this in at our earliest convenience on our work schedule. Please note that the final 10% payment will be due if practical completion is delayed by an extended length of time. 

You will receive your Mastercraft 10 Year transferable Warranty when the kitchen is completed and paid for in full. 

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to be your kitchen manufacturer. You can be assured of our desire to make your kitchen project an enjoyable experience. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in terms of quality of product and service levels. 


At any stage if you have queries regarding your kitchen, please contact one of our team members: 

James and Billy– our designers and owners

Maree - accounts